24-28 Aug 2014 Ubatuba (Brazil)

Scientific information > Invited speakers

  • Reading the dynamical history of the asteroid belt using lunar craters
    David Minton (Purdue University - USA)
  • Three-body resonances
    Tabaré Gallardo (UdelaR - Uruguay)
  • Dynamics of Dust Particles
    Mihaly Horanyi (SWRS - USA)

  • New insight into tidal dissipation of the Saturn system with astrometric data from ISS-Cassini
    Valéry Lainey (Paris Observatory - France)
  • Resonant trans-Neptunian objects: observed orbital distribution and dynamical origins
    Katherine Volk (University of British Columbia - Canada)

  • Linking Small Scales to Large: trans-Neptunian Binary Systems as Dynamical Tracers
    Alex Parker (University of California - USA)

  • The Origin of Titan and Hyperion
    Douglas Hamilton (University of Maryland - USA)

  • Determining ages of asteroid families using new physical property data
    Joseph R. Masiero (Jet Propulsion Lab - USA) 
  • OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission
    Dante S. Lauretta (University of Arizona - USA)

  • The dense and narrow rings of the Centaur object (10199) Chariklo
    Bruno Sicardy (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris Observatory - France)
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